Megan Koistinen Portrait

Megan Koistinen


I have had a love for food and nutrition ever since I can remember. My parents have always encouraged me to try new things and to continuously learn. This was especially true with food. I quickly learned how wonderful food can be. Since then, I have had a desire to share my love and passion for food and nutrition.


I am originally from Houston, Texas. I earned my Bachelors from Stephen F. Austin State University and my Masters from Texas Woman’s University. During my internship at Texas Woman’s I found my passion for helping the pediatric population. I was lucky enough to land my dream job at Texas Children’s Hospital and specialized in Cystic Fibrosis nutrition care. Since that time I have earned my Board Certification in Pediatric Nutrition and have been working to help educate and bring healthy eating habits to children.


I am also military spouse. My husband and I met in Texas but the military quickly took us to North Carolina. For the past 5 years I have been working in the inpatient and outpatient setting with many different patient populations. I have extensive experience with both pediatrics as well as military personnel and dependents. Most recently, the Army has brought us to the beautiful Emerald Coast and I could not be more excited!


I have a son who is currently 2 years old and I think we learn something new from each other everyday. In my free time I love to be outside and will find any excuse to go to the beach now days. I also really enjoy yoga; so much so that during the pandemic I decided to try my hand at becoming a yoga teacher but quickly discovered that I am much better at teaching others about nutrition rather than yoga.

Megan and her son
Megan and her son in front of American Flags